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Trading analytics

Today's most successful firms and individuals utilise data and scientific method to achieve a competitive edge.

Bips has a wealth of expertise in this area as well as a strong partnership with Trade Informatics, a firm which provides comprehensive trade analysis and systematic trading solutions .

Independent assessments

We analyse your business requirements, and assess your existing arrangements against best practice standards and regulatory expectations.

Our consultants have managed key regional and global functions at large financial services firms.

We bring decades of experience and fresh, independent perspective to any engagement. We also understand that firms are looking for simple, cost effective solutions which do the job.

Best practice solutions

Bips can build a detailed understanding of your process, propose effective enhancements and help you to implement a robust governance model. 

We also have an association with the PLIA group, which offers a counter-party communication management system that can streamline, centralise and retain a complete audit trail of regulated and ad hoc communication. 

This essential functionality is already being used by almost one hundred buy-side and sell-side firms worldwide.
Over time, the outcome will be the Best investment process solution, or "Bips".
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