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Mark Northwood spent nearly 17 years in head trader roles at Fidelity International, and for the last 7 years was global head of equity trading in London. Prior to that he managed Asian trading for Bankers Trust Asset Management in Australia after covering derivatives at large investment banks in London, HK and Australia. He is a respected industry leader with extensive knowledge and understanding of global trading, portfolio risk management, systems and regulation. 

Bips builds on this, working with investment firms to develop their cost effective  "best investment process". 

His knowledge base includes:
  • Global equity, derivatives & structured products. 
  • Best execution, the active investment process
  • Trading technology, data analytics, machine learning. 
  • Systematic trading, measurement and strategies for evaluating process change with confidence. 
  • Market structure and assessment of venues, competing market models and execution channels. 
  • Financial services regulation, policy design, reporting and the needs of asset owners and consultants.

Lene Hansen was the Regional COO for Compliance in Asia for ABN AMRO. In this role she dealt with regulatory, IT, HR, finance, audit and operational issues for staff in 17 countries. This role arose from a background spent in:
  • Consultancy - for firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Government - roles included legislative research and market surveillance
  • Legal - she worked for the Financial Secretary for 6 years on the largest director's disqualification case in Hong Kong's history
  • Risk - helped develop the Risk Calculator for the Theoretical Intermarket Margining System with the Option Clearing Corporation of Chicago
She holds degrees in Psychology, Law and Criminology and her areas of interest include management decision-making and systems risk.
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